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Manual of Abandoned Order

Name: Abandoned Order Extension.

Description: It allows to capture details of abandoned order. If customer is not complete checkout that time on checkout first step we are capturing all details of cart items with product option and email id of customer.

Key Features : 1 : Captur Abandoned Order details with email id. 2 : Admin able to send notification mail to customer with product details which he was looking for and buy now link. 3 : When user click on by now link it will get redirect to your store and product which he/she was looking for will get added to the cart with previously selected options.

Pre-requisites: To install Abandoned Order extension on your store you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version.

Set-up: Download Abandoned Order extension from www.avactis.com carefully read that “readme.extension.abandoneorder.txt” and perform instructions as per stated in readme.extension.abandoneorder.txt.

Note : Abandoned Order some changes are in checkout module so need to close you stor during installation.

Abandoned order extension functionality in detail :

1) On checkout step first store front side on email address keyup event we are capturing all order details.


2) If customer checkout succesfully then we delete all abandoned order details which we have save for that perticular email id.

3) In admin side Go to Orders ->Abandoned Order.


4) You can see all abandoned order details :


By clicking on Abandoned order id you can see all product details for that abandoned order


Select check box to delete abandoned order.


By updating Abandoned Order status you can send email notification to customer.


5) You can designe Email Notification for Abandoned Order.

  Configuration → Store Settings →  Email Notification → Add
  Configuration Details :  
  1. Enter Notification Name
  2. Enter E-Mail Subject
  3. Select Active
  4. Select “New Abandonded Order” from Send Mail on Action Drop down box
  5. Select Abandoned Order status on which you want to send this mail.
  6. Also Set Set Send From and To Details
  7. Add content in email body.


Save Email Notification. When ever you will update status of abandoned order. If you have set mail for that status then e-mail notification get send.