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Question: We do not want a customer to use the Avactis Store. We only want a customer to access the shopping cart and checkout system. When a person clicks on the item in the shopping cart, s/he should go to the specific webpage that we create for the product for instance,, not Avactis /store/product-info.php?pidxx


-  Add product custom tags and specify your alternative url in the tag. Insert the tag to shopping cart template. Follow these steps to do it.

1. Login to your admin panel and go to the Catalog->Manage Product Types section.

2. Click on a product type link.

3. Scroll down to the New Custom Attribute section and click on the Add button.

4. Type productalternativeurl in the Attribute Tag field. Type a tag name and tag description and click Add.

5. Click Save to save the changes.

-  Pass steps 1-5 for each product type.

6. Click on the Manage products link on the left.

7. Click on the Brows categories button and select a category. Click on the Add Product button.

8. Fill in the required fields and scroll down to the Custom Attributes section.

9. Expand the section and type your alternative url in the custom field. Save the changes.

10. Open the avactis-themes/system/catalog/shopping-cart/default/shopping-cart-item-general.tpl.html file on your server and find the following line:

 <a class="product_name" href="<?php ProductInfoLink(); ?>"><?php ProductName(); ?></a>

Replace the line with this one:

<a class="product_name" href="<?php ProductAlternativeurlCustom(); ?>"><?php ProductName(); ?></a>

Save the changes.

NOTE: To add the attribute to existing products, export them then import them back.