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Avactis ebusiness User Guide

For Avactis eBusiness User Guide refer to : http://www.avactis.com/online-manual/
This Wiki is for Avactis Next Product. Please continue reading this Wiki (Avactis Next Version: v4.7.0).

Avactis: User manual contents

Getting Started
Installing and Configuring
Setting Up Your Store
Managing the Product Catalog
Search engine optimization
Operating Your Store
Customizing the Look and Feel
Avactis Shopping Cart Admin Area
Avactis:Developer manual

Avactis Knowledgebase

General Questions

Import/Export questions

Payment methods

Useful solutions

Layout design and Page Manager


Shipping methods

Multilanguage module

Manage Catalog

Avactis Next Shopping Cart

Avactis Templates Installation Instructions

Steps to upgarde your store to latest Avactis Ebusiness version

How to move module into avactis-extensions directory

Avactis Extensions

Chat Module
Sitemap Generator
Google Merchant Feeds
New Arrivals
Bundled Products
Store Locator
On Sale
Abandoned Order
Most Viewed Products / Last Viewed Products / Top Rated Products
Avactis Wordpress Plugin