Avactis file and directory permissions

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Avactis file and directory permissions

Question: What folders does Avactis' software need to write to in order for my site to function? Are there any folders that Avactis' shopping cart needs to be able to execute, but not write to?


The following directories has to be writable for the php script:

  • avactis-themes/system/css
  • avactis-themes/system/themes
  • avactis-themes/system/pages
  • avactis-themes/system/js
  • avactis-themes/system/images

Note: the same applies to the other Avactis themes

  • avactis-system/cache
  • avactis-system/https_config.php
  • avactis-system/license.key.php
  • avactis-system/backup
  • avactis-uploads
  • avactis-images

The executable scripts are the following:

  • avactis-system/backup.sh
  • avactis-system/restore.sh