Avactis store migration from one server to another server

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Before migrating your store form one server to another, you need to take file and database backup. Once you moved database and file backup to new server, extract files from file backup and import database to newly created database on new server. After importing database, you need to make changes in below files.

1. SiteURL and SitePath values in the avactis-layouts/storefront-layout.ini file.

2. HTTP_URL value in the avactis-system/config.php file.

3. include path in the init.php file.

4. database settings and domain names in the avactis-system/config.php file.

5. RewriteBase value in the .htaccess files located in the root Avactis directory, in the avactis-system/admin/mod_rewrite_test_01 and avactis-system/admin/mod_rewrite_test_02 directories.

For Avactis 2.x only:

6. require_once in the js_http_request_frontend.php file.

7. HTTPS_URL in avactis-system/https_config.php if the file exists.

8. Delete all files in the avactis-system/cache/ directory.

Note: In latest version of AvactisNext, configuration files are stored in new directory "avactis-conf".

You can test migrated store by placing test orders on new server. If store is working fine, make changes in name-server entries in domain registrar account. Then check your store and register it.