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NOTE: To use BannerSystem extension you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version of avactis-next

Manual of Banner System

Name: Banner System Extension.

Description: It allows admin to place both images and HTML-code banners on any pages of Avactis Storefront via the special interface in admin area. This module is useful for promoting products, events, offers, etc.

Key Features :
1 : Images and HTML-code banners
2 : Different locations to show the banners
3 : Ability to assign banners to certain pages
4 : Wide range of animation effects
5 : Flexible settings

Pre-requisites: To install bannersystem extension on your store you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version. “It is not supported in ebusiness & white label.”

Set-up: Download bannersystem extension from carefully read that “readme.extension.bannersystem.txt” and perform instructions as per stated in readme.extension.bannersystem.txt.

After that you can do follwing things to configure Banner System extension.

1) In admin area Go to Storefront Design->Page Manager select page to modify: You can select any page displayed in the dropdown where you like your banner to be displayed . For the Top Banner and Bottom Banner you can add block named Top banner and Bottom Banner in the center_column . For Left Banner you can add block named Left Banner in the left_column . For Right Banner you can add block named Right Banner in the right_column.


2) Adding Banners and the content to the banner (Images and HTML Content) In Admin area on left side menu bar click on Manage Banners. Banner location interface appears. Select the location of the banner where you want your banner to be displayed

Manage banner.png

3)After selecting the position, you can update the size, effect and validity for the banner.


4) Fill in the required information provided to save the banner settings. Once saved, you can view the added banner right to top of Add Banner area . You can add multiple banners as shown .


5)After adding the banner, it's time to add the content of the banner. You can do this by clicking on the Edit banner content link just below the added banner.


6)When you click on the Edit banner content link, you will be redirected to the page where you can add the Html and Image content as shown.


7) After adding the Image and Html Content the content that you added is displayed right above the Add banner content form as shown


8) Important Note - to have a proper size of the banner i.e. in sync with the other blocks on the page, it is advised to have teh following size settings: For left and right banner : 200 X 200 For top : 400 X 200 For bottom : 400X 100

9) Banner with an expired date, would be displayed in red and while banners configured for future in blue (as shown).


10)After adding the content you can view the content on the store front as shown.


Trouble Handling: If you still face any problem during configuration of Banner System contact to