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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. fonts, colors) to Web pages. The main Cascading Style Sheet file (CSS) of the default store design is /Avactis-themes/ system/css/style.combined.*.css

This combined css file will be getting generated at the run time. To edit css properties of any element you need to refer the corresponding file to the element. For example if you want to change the element from menu then you need to edit style.menu.css file on same location.

Note:You can modify theme design using built-in CSS editor.

The content of the main CSS is divided into several CSS files:

CSS files for default elements and layout:

@import url("common.default.css");

@import url("common.box.css");

@import url("layout.css");

@import url("style.buttons.css");

CSS files for shopping cart pages and elements design:

@import url("style.menu.css");

@import url("style.search.css");

@import url("style.navigation_bar.css");

@import url("style.product_list.css");

@import url("style.product_list_sorter.css");

@import url("style.product_info.css");

@import url("style.shoppingcart.css");

@import url("style.checkout.css");

@import url("style.myaccount.css");

@import url("style.subscribe.css");

@import url("style.shipping_calculator.css");

@import url("style.subcategories.css");

It is not recommended to use the following postfixes in the names of the CSS classes: _db, _ql, _image, _html, _dom, _iframe, _ajax, _script.
For example: product_image. These postfixes are reserved for AJAX extensions.