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If all of a sudden you detect you can't login to your admin panel, there several ways to solve it.

1. Use I forgot My Password link on the admin sign in page to reset the password. You will receive new password in the notification sent to your email.

2. You may simply forgot your password or admin email. In this case download the _reset_admin_password.php script from the Downloads section in your Help Desk account, put the script to the Avactis root directory on your server and launch the script in your browser: reset_admin_password.php

where is your store url.

This opens a page that displays new access details.

3. If two first solutions don't work, check the site path in the avactis-layouts/storefront-layout.ini file and avactis-system/config.php file. Make sure both the paths have (or don't have) www prefix.

4. Next thing to think of is your https connection. If you enable https for whole admin panel, it may cause the problem. Sometimes, cookie is lost while switching between http and https. Usually, it's the server problem. To turn the admin https off open the avactis-system/https_config.php file and change the code:

[SECURE_SECTIONS] AllAdminArea = true SignIn_AdminMembers = true Orders_Customers = true Payment_Shipping = true

Remove true from AllAdminArea and SignIn_AdminMembers

It will allow you logging in to your admin panel.

If nothing helps, Contact Avactis Support team.