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NOTE: To use live chat extension you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version of avactis-next

Live Chat Extension :Service Setup

Name: Chat Extension.

Description: Chat extension is a new module in avactis which supports in avactis-next only. It allows to perform live chat with your customers. So that you will be able to solve issue, take note or even able to take complain or suggestion directly from your customers. This will help you to give better and nice service to your customer.

Pre-requisites: To install chat extension on your store you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version. “It is not supported in avactis-ebusiness & avatis-white label.”

Set-up: Download chat extension from carefully read that “” and perform instructions as per stated in

After that you can do follwing things to configure chat extension.

1) In admin area Go to Tools->Chat configure. This will configure chat extension for your Avactis store & will mail login details to the owner of store.



2) In admin area Go to Customize->Page Manager select Select page to modify: as index.php. On that index.php in right_column click on add block then select Chat block from Available blocks. If Chat block is not present then do step 1 again.


3)In admin area click on Chat button which is at header.It will open new tab of Avactis messenger.

4) Enter username & password as per recieved in mail.


5) After sucessful login it will open home window of Avactis messenger.


6) Click on connect which appears at right upper corner.This will make your status as ONLINE on client side.To make it as OFFLINE Goto Visitors click on “set status as “Away”” if again wish to make your status as ONLINE click on “set status as “Available””.

7)On client side i.e on storefront side. Chat button will appear like this if admin is online


8)In avactis messenger to see chat history click on Chat History. It will give you all deatils of Chat.

9) To make template messages Click on Canned Messages & then on add message this will add template message.

10)To add more opertors Click on Operators.& then on Add operator.

11) You can also set profile by click on profile.

12) To send message by Simply pressing Enter Goto-> settings.In General select Send message with: Enter

13) To Logout simply Click on Exit right bottom.

14)To chat with client Click on username of client which appers in visitors list.


15) Client Chat window will appear in silver theame


16) Admin chat window will appear in Green theame to close chat with client or clear list of visitors click on close button in admin chat window which appears after name of client.


Trouble Handling: If you are not able to login then click again on Tools->Chat configure. This will send freash login deatils to owner of store. Then you can log into it with new login deatils.Then also If face problem with login deatils then goto database select table chatoperator & change password & username manually.