Custom shipping rates and Free shipping (example)

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Question: How to set up free shipping for a certain country in my store?


1. In the admin panel, click on the Store settings link, then click on the Shipping Settings/Methods link.

2. Highlight Custom Shipping Rates in the Available Shipping Methods field and click on the right arrow to move it to the Selected Shipping Methods field. Click on the Save button.

3. After the page is reloaded, click on the Custom Shipping Rates link.

4. Select Active in the Module Status section.

5. Type a name in the New method name field and click on the Add button.

6. In the New shipping rate section, select your country, enter 0 and a large value (for example 100000) in the Weight Range fields, enter per item value in the Per Item field. Click on the Add button.

7. After the page is reloaded, add the rates for the international shipping. In order to do it select a country, define order limits, define base charge and per item charge, click on the Add button. Repeat this step for other countries.

8. Click on the Save button to save the changes.