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To set up the EpayUSA module pass the following steps.

1. Login to your admin panel and click on the Store settings link at the top.

2. Click on the Payment methods link. This will open a page.

3. Select ePay USA (Credit Card) in the Available Payment Methods field and move it to the Selected Payment Methods field using the right arrow. Click Save.

4. After the page is reloaded, click on the ePay USA (Credit Card) link.

5. On the opened page you will need to specify the source key, provided by ePay USA.

If your cart has the Source key field, insert your key in this field. Go to step 6.

If your cart does not have the Source key field, copy a part of this key and insert it in the Login ID field. Insert the rest part of the key to the Transaction Key field. Click Save.

For example, the source key looks like the following:


Fill out the fields in the following way:

Login ID : 9B3hr5tT9a3HA

Transaction Key : EgUS3kyGb6yM8Pz56e

6. If the payment status is not updated automatically, replace the following line:

$responseDataFields = explode($application->getAppIni("EPAYUSA_DELIM_CHAR"), $result["body"]);

with this one:

$responseDataFields = explode(",", $result["body"]);

Replace the following line:

$value = str_replace($application->getAppIni("EPAYUSA_DELIM_CHAR"), " ", $value);

with this one:

$value = str_replace($application->getAppIni("EPAYUSA_DELIM_CHAR"), ",", $value);

in the avactis-system\modules\payment_module_epayusa_cc\payment_module_epayusa_cc_api.php file.