Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificate can be created from admin or storefront side.

  1. Gift Certificate created from admin side
  2. Gift Certificate can be purchased from storefront

The store owner can create the gift certificate from admin menu Marketing >> Offers >> Gift Certificate. Gift Certificate can also be purchased from storefront menu "Gift Cartificate". The url is http://store-url/gift-certificate.php.

On the Manage Gift Certificates page, you can add, edit and delete gift certificates.

Manage Gift Certificates

The gift certificate can be created for any user:

Creation of Gift certificate

There are two send types for gift certificates: E-mail and Post.

If you will select Post type, you will be able to enter post address for this certificate:

Types of gift certificates

Setting Email Notifications for Gift Certificate:

Please find the email notifications setting in admin panel; Configurations >> Store Settings >> E-mail Notifications. There are two email notification which are to be set for Gift Certificate.

  1. Gift Certificate Purchased
  2. Gift Certificate Created

If the gift Certificate is purchased from storefront option, "Gift Certificate Purchased" notification with gift certificate code will be sent to the customer(whom the purchaser want to gift) after activating the respective purchased gift certificate(from admin side). So the target recipient "Customer" should be set for "Gift Certificate Purchased" notification.

After creating the gift certificate(Status: Active) from admin settings Marketing >> Offers >> Gift Certificate the email notification "Gift Certificate Created" will be sent to the customer whom store owner wants to provide this. So the target recipient "Customer" should be set for "Gift Certificate Created" notification.