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To use the Google Checkout payment module an SSL certificate is required to be installed on your server .
Google checkout supports only the following SSL certificates:

PHP's Curl support has to be available on your server

To set up the Google Checkout payment module, pass the following steps:

1. Log in to your admin panel and click on the Store settings link.

2. Click on the Payment Methods link.

3. Select Google Checkout in the Available Payment Methods field and click right arrow to add it to the Selected Payment Methods field. Click Save.

4. After the page is reloaded, click on the Google Checkout link. This will open the Google Checkout settings page.

5. Fill out the following fields:

- Method Name *- the name that will be displayed in the storefront;

- Merchant ID *- unique, numeric code assigned to your business by Google. To find your Merchant ID, sign in to Google Checkout and click the Settings tab. Your Merchant ID will appear under Primary contact information.

- Merchant Key * - unique, alphanumeric code. To find your Merchant Key, sign in to Google Checkout and click the Settings tab, then click Integration. Your Merchant Key will appear under 'Account information.'

Select Active for the Module Status parameter and click Save.

6. Click on the Admin link.

7. Click on the HTTPS Settings link.

8. Type your secure URL in the HTTPS URL field, select Checkout in the HTTPS Settings for Storefront Pages section and click Save.

9. Sign in to Google Checkout account and go to the Settings->Integration page. Set the following values for the Integration settings:

Api callback URL :

where - your domain name.

avactis_directory - the directory on the server where Avactis is installed (if it is installed in the root website directory, remove this part of the URL). Callback contents: Notification as HTML (name/value pairs) (Requires an HTTPS URL)

API Version: 2.0

if you want to charge credit cards and update the order's payment status to Fully Paid automatically,
log in to your merchant  account in Google, go to the Preferences page under the Settings tab and make sure that the Automatically 
authorize and charge the  buyer's credit card option is selected.