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NOTE: To use Google Merchant Feed extension you must be using avactis-next 4.0 or later version of avactis-next

Google Merchant Feeds Extension : Service Setup

Name: Google Merchant Feeds Extension.

Description: This is a tool which helps you upload your product listings to be used for Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads, and Google Commerce Search.

Pre-requisites: To install Google Merchant Feeds extension on your store you must be using avactis-next 4.0 or later version.

Set-up: Download Google Merchant Feeds extension from carefully read that “readme.extension.google_feeds” and perform instructions as per stated in readme.extension.google_feeds.

Usage: Generate a new or updated googlefeeds.xml by following below mentioned steps

1) Go to Admin Front-> Configuration-> Store Settings

2) Click on tab 'GoogleFeeds Settings' which is left hand side.

3) One pop window will get open of google feed as shown below.

4) Save the settings by adding file name,frequency,date,time and categories of which you want to generate xml file and then click on 'update' button.

5) Then,click on 'Generate file' button which will generate googlefeeds.xml and save at store's root folder.

6) Go to store's root folder and check the 'googlefeeds.xml' file generated or not.

7) Go to your Google merchant account and upload this xml file or you can set it's frequency in order to upload it automatically from your store.