How to add States

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If you want to add states to a country, you should execute the following query in your database (use the phpMyAdmin tool in your Cpanel):

INSERT INTO `asc_states` VALUES (NULL, 130, 'STATE NAME', 'SC', 'true', 'false');

where replace 130 with the country id you want to add the state to, "STATE NAME" with your state name and "SC" with your state code.

To get to know what country id you should use, do the following:

1. Login to your administration panel and click on the Store settings link.

2. Click on the Countries link. This will open a page.

3. View the source of the page. To do it press "Ctrl+U" if you use the FireFox browser or click the right mouse button and select the "View as HTML" menu item if you use the Internet Explorer.

4. Search for the country you need. For example, if you need Malaysia press "Ctrl+F" and type Malaysia in the Find field.

When line containing the search pattern is found you will see the following part of code in the same line:

<INPUT TYPE="text" name="ci_130" id="ci_130" value="Malaysia"

where 130 is the country id you need.

ATTENTION: if you have no any experience in managing databases, we suggest that you should Contact Avactis Support team..