How to enable caching to improve Avactis Performance?

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Question: How to enable caching to improve Avactis Performance?

In 2.1.1 there are many caching options. As long as the correct framework is used, Avactis will automatically cache the results rather than making database calls every time.

Tips to improve performance :-

To speed up your website few basic steps can be done:

1) Enable apc (Advanced PHP Cache) on your server. This will do php code opcode caching. This will reduce compilation and load time of each php file.

2) Disable assert, change in php.ini, = 0, by default it is set as 1 in php

To enable APC or Memcached for caching data and templates:

By default file caching is done in Avactis. To speed up caching it is recommended to use APC or Memcache (Distributed). To enable APC:

NOTES: create backup copies of the files before making the changes.

1) Request the file CCacheDriverAPC.php from Avactis support and upload it to location avactis-system/core/.

2) Request apc_changes.diff file from Avactis support and apply it on your store.

If you find any difficulty to apply the changes or need any help, contact our Support team.