How to move module into avactis-extensions directory

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  • Steps to follow for migration of any module from avactis-system to avactis-extension:-

Step1:  Copy the module from avactis-system to avactis-extension which you want to migrate.(eg-Catalog)

Step2:  Rename the module as well it's info.php in avactis-system (eg-avactis-system/catalog to avactis-system/catalog_bak and avactis-system/catalo/info.php to avactis-system/catalog/bak_info.php).

Step3:  Create below listed folders and sub-folders inside views folder of avactis-extensions module as -


Step4:  Copy all the admin view files of a module (all _az files) inside 'avactis-extensions/<module_name>/views/admin' folder.

Step5:  Copy all the tpl files for admin screens from avactis-system/admin/templates/modules/<module_name>' to 'avactis-extensions/<module_name>/views/admin/templates' folder.

Step6:  Copy all the frontend view files of a module (all _cz files) inside 'avactis-extensions/<module_name>/views/frontend' folder.

Step7:  Copy all the required .ini files for the module frontend inside 'avactis-extensions/<module_name>/views/frontend/blocks_ini' folder.

Step8:  Change the path of blocks_ini in all the frontend view (i.e. _cz) files given as below -

      Instead of 
        layout-file' => 'xyz.ini 
      update as 
        layout-file' => 'avactis-extensions/catalog/views/frontend/blocks_ini/xyz.ini 

Note: Do not change the path of blocks_ini file whose block_ini's files are creating in cahce (eg:product-list-config.ini).

Step9:  In all the admin view files (i.e. _az files) add the following line in the constructor after defining TmplFiller object as below

        -$this->mTmplFiller = &$application->getInstance('TmplFiller');

Note: If the TmplFiller object is not defined then add both the above line of TmplFiller in frontend view file

Step10:  Change the path of tpl in admin views files as given below in example-

      eg:- return $this->mTmplFiller->fill("module_dir_name/","template_module_dir_name/tpl_file_name.tpl.html", array());

Step11:  Go to Database and run the below query inorder to change versions -

      Query-- "UPDATE asc_module set module_version = '0.0.0'"

Step12:  Clear the cache physically by "rm -rf avactis-system/cache/*" .

Step13:  Go to DB side and check in asc_module table whether the module's path is changed from avactis-system to avactis-extension or not.