How to replace the Avactis logo in the header

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  • To change the logo, login to your admin panel and click on the "StoreFront Design" menu and then "Theme Manager" link.
  • Then click on the "Launch CSS Editor" button.
  • Enter any theme name to the "Add new theme" field and click "Add theme". You will see your new theme in the list of available themes in the Manage Themes section of the wizard.
  • Activate your new theme to modify it (click on the "Make this theme active" button).
  • Make sure that "Edit" mode is enabled in the CSS editor control panel.
  • Click on the Avactis logo. Then click on the "A" icon next to the "Logo" element on the left. This will open the "Style properties" section.
  • Find the "Background" property and click on the "image" line. Upload your image.

NOTE: if you make a change that you do not want to apply, click Undo. Otherwise the change will be applied. CSS Editor saves all changes automatically.