Installing Avactis Theme (for Avactis 1.9)

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NOTE: This article is actual for Avactis 1.9.x. In Avactis 2.0 use the "Look & Feel" section.

1. Download Avactis theme package on your local computer:

NOTE: You can find the detailed instruction on how to install the theme in the "README.TXT" file inside the theme package.

2. Unpack this archive on your local computer.

3. Connect to your server using FTP.

4. Open the directory with installed Avactis Cart, and open the "avactis-themes" directory.

5. Upload the "avactis.1.9.1.theme.THEME_NAME" folder from your local computer, to the "avactis-themes" folder on your server using FTP client.

After uploading, you should find the "avactis.1.9.1.theme.THEME_NAME" directory in the "avactis-themes" directory.

It is recommended to make "/css" and "/js" folders writable by PHP in this directory.

6. Using your FTP client, navigate to the "avactis-layouts" folder on your server and open the "storefront-layout.ini" file.

7. Find this line of the code inside the "storefront-layout.ini":

TemplateDirectory = "avactis-themes/system/"

and replace it with the following line:

TemplateDirectory = "avactis-themes/avactis.1.9.1.theme.THEME_NAME/"

ATTENTION: use the real name of the theme instead of THEME_NAME .

8. Avactis theme is successfully installed.

Open the storefront of your Avactis Shopping Cart and refresh the page. You will see new design of the storefront.