Multiple storefronts

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This article is for Avactis 1.9.x.

It is possible to create several storefronts with the same database and administration panel.

In order to do it follow these steps:

1. Copy all existing files and folders of your store to another directory on the same server; 2. Open the "avactis-layouts" directory in the new store directory and edit the following parameters:

SiteURL =

SitePath =

You have to specify your new store SiteURL and SitePath here.

4. Go to the directory where you copied your new store and open the "init.php" file. 5. Replace the following line in the file:


with this one:


Save the file.

After that when you type the new store address in your browser the store with the new storefront is opened.

NOTE: You should always access Admin Area from your original store.