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NOTE: To use on-sale extension you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version of avactis-next

OnSale Extension :Service Setup

Name: On-Sale Extension.

Description: On-Sale gives you an option to give a single view of all the products across the categories which are on sale.

Compatibility: AvactisNext 3.0.0 or later.


  • Install the extension by clicking on install button.Goto Menu >> Manage Extensions
  • To activate/deactivate the extension goto: Menu >> Configure Extensions
    Click on detail link where configuration steps are given.
  Configure Extensions.png


I] Select Menu Storefront Design >> Page Manager
In page-manage "Select page to modify" here we have selected product-list.php. On that selected page in right column or in left column click on add block then select "On Sale Category" block. In center column add block "On Sale Products" , click on save .
Initially it will show all the categories having on sale product , later you can hide/show it from onsale configuraion page.


II] Configure your On-Sale Category.Goto Menu Settings >> Onsale


III] Here you can configure your category for
1. By default if category has any discounted products will show on “On-Sale” page. If you do not to show the category then configure it here by unchecking the “Show this cat.”.
2. If you want to show any promotional image for category then you need to configure it here.
3. If you want to restrict the max product items to show then configure the “Show Max Items”.


IV] Come to the front store page where you have added block of onsale.
Initially it will show all the categories later hide/show the respective category.