PayPal's Custom Payment Pages

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If you use the PayPal Website Payments Standard payment method and you want to tailor PayPal's payment pages to the style of your website, add your styles in your PayPal account.

Read the instruction on how to do it here:

After you create your own styles in PayPal, you need to make some changes in Avactis:

1. Copy the "payment_module_paypal_cc_api.php" file located in the "avactis-system/modules/payment_module_paypal_cc" with the "payment_module_paypal_cc_api.bak.php" name in the same folder. It is necessary to restore the file in case if something goes wrong.

2. Open the "payment_module_paypal_cc_api.php" file and find the following part of code:

,"notify_url"    => $self_link ."&status=notify"
,"cancel_return" => $self_link ."&status=cancel"

add this line:

,"page_style" => "page_style_name"

after this one:

,"cancel_return" => $self_link ."&status=cancel"

where replace "page_style_name" with the custom payment page style name from your account profile.

For more help, Contact Avactis Support team.