PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK)

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Setting up Avactis with PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK)

1. In order to use PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) you have to sign up for the PayPal service. Make sure your Account status is Verified and your Application status is Approved.

2. In your PayPal account, click on the Profile link under the My account tab.

3. Click Request API credentials. On the opened page click Set up Payflow Pro API access.

Request API credentials

4. Click on the Create access button to get your access details. Remember these details, you have to specify them in your Avactis admin panel.

5. Open the Avactis admin panel, go to the Store settings->Payment methods section and select PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) in the Available Payment Methods section. Click the right arrow to move the method to the Selected Payment Methods section and click Save.

6. After the page is reloaded, click on the PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) to open the module properties.

7. Fill in the following fields with the details you got on step 4:

User Name



If there is the Vendor field on the page, fill in it as well and save the settings.

NOTE: If you have the Vendor field on the page, try to place a test order. If you get Invalid vendor value, go to step 8, otherwise skip step 8.

8. Connect to your server via ftp and open the avactis-system\modules\payment_module_paypalpro_uk_cc\payment_module_paypalpro_uk_cc_api.php file. Search for this pattern:

"VENDOR"               =>

If you see a code like this:

"VENDOR"               => $settings["USERNAME"]

replace it with this one everywhere in the file:

"VENDOR"               => "YOUR_VENDOR_VALUE"

where YOUR_VENDOR_VALUE is the value you got on step 4.

If you see the code like this:

"VENDOR"               => $settings["VENDOR"]

replace it with this one:

"VENDOR"               => "YOUR_VENDOR_VALUE"

where YOUR_VENDOR_VALUE is the value you got on step 4.

If you experience any problems setting up the module, Contact Avactis Support team.