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The Manage Products page is one of the main tools for managing a product catalog. It includes several sections which facilitate product management and catalog navigation. From this page you can access and manage any product in your online catalog:

manage products

Toolbar Description
Current Category This line shows the name of the current category and the path to this category from the root category. Using the links, you can move up the category tree, up to the root category.
Catalog Search Allows finding products whose names match one or more keywords, in all categories.
Browse Categories Opens a window with your store's current category tree where you can select any category, open it in the main window and edit the products it contains.
Add Product Allows adding a new product to the current category. A new window will open where you can enter all product details. Follow the instructions in this window.
Edit Opens a window where you can edit all product attributes. The same can be done by clicking the product name.

If you want to modify several products at once, you can select the product group using the checkboxes on the right side and click the Edit button. For more information, please refer to the Edit Products article.

Delete Deletes the selected products. Select the unneeded products with checkboxes and click the button. A confirmation window will open to show the products that will be deleted. Click the Delete button in this window to permanently delete the products.
Sort Allows changing the order of products in the current category. A window opens with the list of products where you can change the position of a product by moving it with the arrow buttons.

sort product

Copy/Move Products

Copies/Moves the selected products to some other category. Select the required catagory from the dropdown of the respective product(s) as shown in the image above. Then, click on the Copy/Move Button. You can check the product(s) in respective categories by selecting the category from the category dropdown present above the product rows as shown below:

copy products