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NOTE: To use sitemap extension you must be using avactis-next 3.0 or later version of avactis-next

StoreLocator Extension :Service Setup

Name: Store Locator Extension.

Description: Store locator gives you an option to display your postal address using Google Maps for your online customer.

Compatibility: AvactisNext 3.0.0 or later.

Installation:Download Storelocator extension from Extract the archives of this file to a directory on your local machine. Carefully read the “readme.extension.storelocator.txt” and perform the steps as per the instructions stated in readme.extension.storelocator.txt.


A] Configure one (and more) store location by following below mentioned steps

1) Go to Admin Front-> Configuration-> Manage Store Locations.


2) Enter your store location and select suitable address from the suggested dropdown. Selected address will be shown with location marker. You can now drag and drop the marker to the exact location.

3) Enter the rest of the information and add the location to your store.


Once added, a location cannot be edited. You will have to delete the previously added location and add it again.


4) Configure a Storelocator.php as one of the top menu from Customize-> Content -> Links & Menu -> Top Menu.

B] On store front, you will get a link for "Store Locator" on top menu.