Update Free to eBusiness. Instruction.

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Update Free to eBusiness. Instruction.

To update the store from Free to eBusiness, pass the following steps:

1.Create a new, empty database on your server (usually this is done in the hosting control panel). If your hosting plan allows only one database, it's OK, continue.

2. Create the database dump. You can do it via phpMyAdmin application in your Cpanel. If something goes wrong, you will always be able to restore your data from this dump.

3. Save avactis-system/config.php to a safe place.

4. Obtain Avactis install package of the same version and build number that you currently have installed. You can see version and build number at the bottom of the left column in admin area.

To get current Avactis version go to this page:

Get current Avactis version

If you need a previous Avactis version send a request to Avactis support:

Get a previous Avactis version

5. Unpack the installation package on your local PC.

6. Copy the "install.dat" and "install.php" files to the Avactis root directory on your server.

7. Rename the directory avactis-themes to avactis-themes_backup

8. Delete the "install.lock" file locates in the "avactis-system" directory.

9. Launch the installation script in a browser using this link:



- During the installation, the fields where you should enter your data are filled in with the data from your config.php file. Change the database name to the new one. If you do not have the new database, change the table prefix.

- Specify the e-mail address and password the same as ones you specified for Free version.

10. After the installation is finished, open the "avactis-system/config.php" file and replace the database credentials with ones that you specified for Free version.

11. Rename the directory avactis-themes to avactis-themes_default and avactis-themes_backup back to avactis-themes

12. Log in to the admin panel, click on the "Admin" link and click on the "Clear cache" link. On the opened page, click on the "Clear" button to clear the cache.